Let us be your Workshop!

Let us be your Workshop!

September 30 2014

Thinking of rationalising the business and outsourcing your workshop activities? Please read on....

Agreement to Supply Workshop Services
Our business is geared up for providing economical solutions to your jobbing requirements.

The benefits for you:
  1. Access cost effective and reliable services
  2. IP Protection - all our staff have signed non-disclosure forms. We are happy to manufacture or co-ordinate the assembly of parts and deal with sensitive customer IP.
  3. Your sense of urgency is our sense of urgency - we work hard to meet your deadlines
  4. knowledge base - as we work together we can build up knowledge of your product or service and where we can apply our manufacturing skills to assist you in making things better, easier, faster, and more cost effective.
  5. distance is no barrier - we use email and web constantly, have full CAD facilities and regularly use electronic drawings or scanned sketches for supply. We can organise phone conferencing and Skype meetings. We also regularly organise freight for our customers around Australia.

The benefits for the partnership:
  1. Ongoing work through building a strong customer relationship
  2. Opportunity to value-add for customers rather than spending time on non-value added activities such as quoting and sales calls.
  3. Familiarity with your work makes providing solutions easier.
If you would like more information please contact our Managing Director, Jon Eastall, on (07) 3272 7211.
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